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Extremescape (Disley): Viking

The team behind Extremescape have done it again, delivering a beautiful set with engaging puzzles and fantastic moments of theatre. I was a little worried that they’d struggle to improve on their previous two games, but they absolutely have – coming up with plenty of new ideas to keep their loyal customers happy and putting even more polish into the experience.

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moviESCAPE: SAWtopsy

For haunt fans this might have rated higher but as an escape room it just didn’t work for me. A promising story progression was hurt by a shortage of puzzles and unpleasant searching that left me feeling disappointed by the overall experience.

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moviESCAPE: The Haunted House

A game I never really got excited about. It was perfectly playable with some OK puzzles, an OK theme and a reasonably good story but there was very little about it to make it stand out.