June 2017

- Overall rating:
Live Escape Salisbury: SPECTRE

A great game that pulls together an intriguing story, a broad range of logical puzzles and beautiful props.

Brussels Escape Review: Escape the Room in 60 minutes and Quarantine

A review of Escape the Room in 60 Minutes’ first game and the two rooms at Quarantine. None of the games were outstanding but some of the puzzles in the Manneken Pis themed Escape the Room in 60 Minutes’ game showed some flair and will definitely excite beginners.

Brussels Escape Review: Let Me Out

A fun set of escape rooms. Prison Break was fairly standard but the space and Alice in Wonderland themes were much more enjoyable and well worth a visit.

Brussels Escape Review: Escape Prod

Our favourite escape room in Brussels. It packed in humour, a clear mission structure and plenty of fun puzzles. Perfect for families, friends or couples.

Brussels Escape Review: Enygma

A superficially exciting set of games that didn’t quite meet up to the expectation set by their beauty. The underlying puzzles were reasonable but a couple of questionable GM-ing decisions significantly impacted our experience.

Brussels Escape Review: Chamber Challenge

A review of the two games at Chamber Challenge in Brussels Belgium. Both were interesting rooms that were helped massively by a charismatic owner who knew a lot about the subject matter he used for the stories.