My favourite 25 games across Europe

A round-up of the best games I’ve played across Europe. From sci-fi to scary, archaeologist to zoo keeper, high intensity to calming these are the games I most recommend to enthusiasts.

Happy 50th - my top 5 escape games

During my recent escape room extravaganza, I completed my 50th escape room. To celebrate, I thought I’d look back through all those reviews and pick out my five favourite games and write a little on why I think they’re so good. #1 Time Run: The Lance of Longinus This London game is far and away the most expensive
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[This page is a work in progress, but publishing to allow people to start consulting it now]. This page brings together other people’s opinions on London escape rooms to give you a crowdsourced view of the games. Note that I’ve not put much effort into making it easy to use, but you can filter the results to get ratings
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A friend asked me a question about escape rooms that’s probably of more general interest, so I thought I’d write a quick blog post: We all love to show that we’re the best, and the escape room community are no different with “battle mode”/head to head/competitive escape rooms. Obviously you can play the same room at different
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