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If you’re a long-time reader of this blog, you may remember me blogging about the Red Bull Mind Gamers World Championship that took place in March last year. Well, if that sounded interesting, now’s your opportunity to take part in the next competition, which will take place in 2019.

UK Qualifiers have been announced in London for the weekend of 3rd November and, if you want to secure your spot, the online qualifiers have already opened. Last year’s weren’t well attended by enthusiasts – probably due to them being held in Manchester and on a weekend – but I’d expect a fiercer competition this time round. If you’re curious, you can get a feel for what last year looked like by reading this blog post.

If you do manage to secure the coveted spot, then you’ll be heading off to the finals (at a location as yet unconfirmed by Red Bull), where you’ll almost certainly get the chance to play a number of escape rooms as well as, of course, the competition itself.

What about me? Will I be entering? Well, no. I’ve had my turn at taking part and, fun though it was, I’ve been lucky enough to get an opportunity that appealed to me more. This time round, I’ll be on the other side of the cameras, as one of the design team. Yep – for the past nine months, I’ve been working with escape room experts from around the world, trying to pull together the finals. Exciting!

For obvious reasons, I can’t talk about what we’ve been up to other than to repeat what’s on the website. The game is called Omni’s Escape and has been designed by Scott Nicholson. I’ve been there since the beginning with a particular  focus on the player’s perspective. Hopefully that involvement will come out in what we’ve produced.

One thing I can say is that I had an amazing time in 2017 and, if you think you’ve got even a sliver of hope, I’d highly encourage you to sign up. It’s an amazing experience, meeting people from around the world, indulging in escape rooms and generally getting to have a fantastic time at Red Bull’s expense! And if, along the way, you get to pick up the trophy, then so much the better.

Full disclosure: As mentioned above, I’m working on this project and being paid by Red Bull. They didn’t ask or hint in any way for me to write this blog post. 


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    No way to enter from Netherlands? 🙁

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      Quick trip to Belgium? I don’t believe there are any residency requirements!

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