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Eeek Escape Rooms (Linlithgow): The Blunt Axe

A fun game with a variety of good challenges that should keep all players engaged. The GM being in the same room as you is certainly a little unusual but, if you can overlook that, I think you’ll have a good time learning a bit about Mary Queen of Scots while solving puzzles.

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Escape in the Towers (Canterbury): The Comms Room

A beautifully engineered game, that provides theatre in abundance and solid puzzling throughout. As a bonus, it managed to teach us some history, maybe even giving us a taste of what the period was like, while still feeling like a normal game.

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History Mystery (Norwich): Body of Evidence

A well structured linear game set inside one of the disused jail cells under Norwich’s guildhall. The puzzles were a little lacking but overall it delivers a good experience for players.