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Cryptology Nottingham: Cypherdyne

A game that started off with dull puzzles/theme and never really engaged me. Towards the end there’s a centrepiece puzzle that makes the finale to the game far better than the rest but, for me, it was tool little too late.

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Escapologic: 13utcher

A must do for fans of scare attraction. If you’re of a particularly nervous disposition then I’d stay well clear – the puzzle pay off isn’t worth the stress you’ll go through during the game. For those of us in between, I think it’s the sort of game that you’ll like appreciate more than enjoy – and as an enthusiast that was more than enough.

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Escapologic: Howitz

A search heavy room that I was on the verge of disliking when it took a turn and started to become much more puzzly. Another room where different people on the same team can have very different experiences so think carefully about who you want to take on which challenges.