Other World Escapes (Portsmouth): The Pub and Vermilion

Reviews of Pub and Vermillion. The former was an unusual theme with some good puzzles and cool reveals but some rough edges in a few of the puzzles. The latter while receiving good reviews from enthusiasts, didn’t work well for us although, at least in part, that was related to tech failure and misfortune in our order of solving the puzzles.

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Exciting Escapes (Portsmouth): Murder at the Movies

Another good offering from Exciting Escapes. The beautiful set, combined with some tougher, unusual puzzles and some good, logical challenges makes this a game that I’d recommend if you’re in the area.

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Ouija Bournemouth

A strange game. I’m not entirely convinced it’s even an escape room, although it probably has just enough of the elements to count as one. The puzzles were pretty poor, the decoration was no better, and the only thing of merit was really the theatre of the scare side of things.