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Clockwork Escapes (Wolverhampton): Starpoint Alpha

A rough diamond of a game. The set, the mission and, above all, the humour are fantastic. A few too many padlocks, a couple of weak puzzles and, at times, a feeling that I was being walked through the game took the edge off the experience but I’d still thoroughly recommend, especially to enthusiasts.

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Room Release (Wolverhampton): The Archaeologists

A guilty pleasure of a game. There’s nothing about it that massively stands out: it’s got a lot of padlocks, little sense of exploration, average puzzles and the decoration is a little tired but there’s something about the game that made it enjoyable – it didn’t aim high but what it aimed for, it achieved.

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Clockwork Escapes (Wolverhampton): Alleyway

An amazing intro couldn’t make up for a game that felt lacklustre in several areas. The room while maybe authentic wasn’t the most fun place to be, the puzzles weren’t particularly interesting or varied while the overarching mystery felt like it lacked the details to give you a satisfying conclusion.