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Escaping rooms is an expensive business, especially in London (trust me, I know!), so any discount you can get your hands on is definitely a good thing.  I’ve scoured the internet and got in touch with companies to source you the best value deals I can find. So, whether you’re a die-hard gamer with tens of games under your belt or a novice who’s looking for the first game, I can pretty much guarantee there will be a discount for you below.

Do Stuff Escape Games, down in Battersea, are running a Groupon offer for their Hostage Hideout room at £60 for up to five people. I’ve had a look through the TripAdvisor reviews and I think as little as 12 quid a head is probably a bargain. I’ll be heading down there to try it out some time in October or November but I doubt the Groupon will last that long, so don’t wait for my review to help you decide!

Omescape, up near Kings Cross, have a Groupon for £79 for a 7 player game (£69 off peak). On the face of it, that’s absolutely fantastic value, but their rooms vary in size from 5-7 so, in practice, it’s not as big a saving as it might look at first glance. Still, that’s still an unusually good discount for a tried and tested game.

ClueTrace have completed their testing and opened Mind Crime up to the public. If you’re interested in playing you’ll get a 25% discount by using the code OPENING. Again, I’ve not visited their room but it’s a reasonably popular Hungarian company’s design so I’ve every reason to believe it will be a quality game.

Inside Out are the new kids on the block. In fact, they’re only opening their Camden escape room next week. While you obviously can’t tell how good a room is without visiting, the price point seems decent value for a new company – £10-14 per head. I’ll certainly be picking up one of these Groupon offers to play Finding Sherlock although, annoyingly, I’ll have to decide how many people in advance because adding extra people is significantly more expensive.

Clue Adventures have been slowly leaking information out about their new game, The Book of Secrets. If you’re interested in playing when it opens at the end of this month, then I’m told that everyone signed up to their mailing list will get a 20% discount code.

Operation Escape are so new that they’ve only just made the escape rumours page. Indeed, they won’t be opening their doors till the start of next month. Good news for you though – I got in touch with them and they’ve set up a discount code just for you. If you use the code LOGIC you’ll get 25% off any booking in October.

Mission Breakout quietly opened in Camden a few months back and I don’t think they’ve had much in the way of discounts. The good news is that they’re offering a 20% discount on their room, Codebreakers, for readers of this blog – just enter the code LOGICESCPME20 at the checkout.

Mystery Cube are offering a 15% discount on bookings for five players made before the end of September. Just use the code THELOGICESCAPESME16 when booking the experience. I found the Mystery Cube a delightfully wacky experience (inside the game and out!) so would recommend a visit.

Secret Studio run one of the games that I most frequently recommend in London, and it’s regularly booked out well in advance so, while the following discount might not seem much, it’s probably as good as you’re going to get (and the only offer I’ve seen since their opening days). The first ten customers using the code “LOGICESCAPESME” will get a 10% discount.

Mind the Game, up in Willesden Green – NW London, are obviously happy with their weekend bookings as they’ve got a Monday to Friday Groupon offer of £49 for a game. I think that’s good value – indeed, Mrs Logic will be heading along there at my recommendation next month.

Escape London is the local franchise of the well known Escape chain so you can be reasonably confident that their rooms, while maybe not being the best available, will at least be solid. Their Groupon offer is £8-10 per player (teams of 4-6) but, given what I’ve heard so far, I would suggest any reader of this blog shouldn’t go as a group of more than four people. If you’re interested in playing their third room (or if you’re taking a team of six) then you should look at the Living Social offer. I’m booked in on 1 October, so expect reviews later that month (or maybe November, given I’ll be playing one or two rooms in Budapest).

Agent November offer a number of different discounts for their three games that might apply to enthusiasts. If you’ve played two of their games, then they offer a 15% discount if you want to complete the set. Holders of NUS cards or NHS/Military ID cards are entitled to a 10% discount. Finally, if you book one of their rooms on the same day as you’ve played another, you can also get a 10% discount. The offers obviously can’t be used in conjunction with each other (or indeed other offers).

Another place offering a discount to students is Escape Land which offers a 20% discount on rooms for NUS card holders.

Sherlock Unlock, based in Canary Wharf, is the perennial London Groupon company with the current offer being £59 per room. I didn’t enjoy their first two rooms and while their most recent, Mutiny, was much better, I’d recommend reading the review before you sign up.

QuestRoom, also in Willesden Green – NW London, are another company that have been running an escape room offer for a while. At £70 for up to six players, it’s on the expensive side for a London offer so I wouldn’t recommend it – especially since Mind the Game is close by with a much better game and offer.

Finally, Escape Games London, near Westminster, are also running a Groupon that equates to £10-13 per player. I’ve included it here for completeness but you should read my review before you think about purchasing.

Know of any more discounts? Are you an owner who wants to add to the list? Feel free to comment below


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    Seen a 10% off code for any/all Handmade Mysteries escape games – the code is’ MERRY’

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