Trends: Team challenge arcades

Thoughts on one future direction of the ER industry where teams play many entirely separate individual games as part of an overall experience.

When Escape Rooms Go Wrong! (handling breakages and mis-sets)

My thoughts on handling breakages and mis-sets in a room. In some ways they’re the GM’s absolute nightmare but with a little preparation, you can smooth over them and, on rare occasions, actually turn them to your advantage.

Colour and lighting in escape rooms

A roundup of how colour blind people (and me in particular) are affected in escape rooms and what designers and owners can do to make life a little easier.

Red Bull Mind Gamers (part 2)

A write up of all the stuff we got up to around the sides of the Red Bull Mind Gamers tournament – a brief mention of the games we played, the activities we were involved in and the final itself.

Red Bull Mind Gamers (part 1)

A wrap up of the action in the UK team’s Red Bull Mind Gamers semi final with a particular focus on the puzzles and their flaws.

There's something about Mary

Behind the scenes recording a TV show segment for What Britain Buys (Channel 4) on escape rooms with Mary Portas.