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Escaping rooms can be an expensive business, especially in London (trust me, I know!), so any discount you can get your hands on is definitely a good thing. I’ve scoured the internet and got in touch with companies to source you the best value deals I can find. So, whether you’re a die-hard gamer with tens of games under your belt or a novice who’s looking for their first escape room, I can pretty much guarantee there will be a discount for you below.

Without a doubt, the number one offer at the moment is Time Run. They’ve never to my knowledge offered a discount before, so I’d get it while you can. That’s especially true given they’ll be closing in a few months. The 30% saving (using code JAN30) is a sizeable discount. If you’re still not sure, check out my reviews and hurry – this offer only lasts till the end of the month.

It’s not a huge discount, but then the game was already phenomenal value, so the 5 for 4 offer (code: 5FORTHEPRICEOF4)  is a great option if you want to book in to play Popup Escapes‘ Dynamo Diamonds. As always, that also gets you 10% off the price of your food and drink in the Dynamo if you want to extend your fun (and I can highly recommend the pizzas!).

No Escape are a new company in town, so I’ve not yet been along to try out their dentist-themed experience. At £49 for 4 and £59 for 6, their Groupon offer seems like reasonable value for a central London venue.

Not a discount now but a heads-up about the future: AIEscape will be launching their new two-hour game, Project Delta, in the not too distant future, and early bird tickets will be available. Sign up to their mailing list or Facebook page if you want to stay informed.

Escape Plan launched a new game last autumn (which is right at the top of my to-do list!). If you’re willing to play Monday to Thursday in January, it’s only £85 – a substantial discount on their usual evening prices. Want to play as a two or a three? They offer “same-day bookings” by phone for £25 a head, which is a great deal if you want a high-quality but affordable London adventure.

Clue Adventures has a discount on all games booked in January – just enter the code HONEY. I’d happily recommend both their games – see the reviews here.

Another new outfit, Inkwell Investigations, run something that’s half murder mystery, half escape room from what I hear. Their Groupon offer is priced at £69 for six people or £89 for eight.

Mission Breakout are offering a 20% discount on their room Codebreakers (reviewed here) weekday daytime bookings  – just enter the code LOGICESCPME20 at the checkout. They’re also offering early bird tickets to their new game, which is expected to open in March, with the code LOST2018. That gives you a 3-6 person ticket at about £120 and is valid for one year.

Secret Studio are offering a 10% discount on their excellent game using the code LOGICESCAPESME. It’s also worth checking out this page where they post discounts for specific slots over the next three weeks. At the time of writing, they have a 50% discount for a couple of slots.

clueQuest make great games and are offering readers of this blog a £10 discount on their next game by using the code LOGIC. Not a huge discount, but then they rarely – if ever – drop their prices. Reviews here if you need them.

Inside Out are probably the cheapest of the Groupon offers, with a minimum price of £37 for two people – that’s cheaper than most games up north! If you’ve got a bigger team it’s £47 for four or an extra tenner for the fifth person. Note that there’s a £10 surcharge on Saturdays.

Keen on that two-player game? Adventox also have a great deal on Groupon with £39 for two people. The 4 for £49 and 6 for £59 offers aren’t bad either. My reviews haven’t been published yet, but the rooms are solid if not spectacular.  Be warned: there’s a £10 surcharge for peak slots.

Modern Fables have been running their game for a year now. It’s quite different from most London experiences, so well worth a visit if you’re looking for something new. They’re offering a 10% discount if you use the code FABLED10.

Lock’d, based down in Bermondsey, have a winter offer on their games: 18% off with the code WinterLockd. I’ve played all three of their games, so take a look through the reviews if you want more info.

Breakin’ Escape have a long-running Groupon offer that gives a reasonable discount: £70 (off-peak) or £90 for a team of six players. That’s probably only going to be worth it for teams of 4+ people, and for teams of four it will depend on the timing. You can read the reviews here, but I’d recommend Heist Plan as the best of their games.

City Mazes have been open for a couple of months now and, while I’ve not published the reviews yet, I have headed along. Their newest games are designed by Indestroom, a Russian design house and, while they still aren’t amazing, they’re far better than some of the group’s previous offerings. Their Groupon offer is £49 for four, which isn’t bad value, and up to £89 for eight. But be warned: I don’t think you can realistically engage that many in the game – stick to four at most.

Escape London are offering escape room experiences for up to six in their Shepherds Bush branch for £69 on Groupon. The two games on offer are da Vinci and Area 51. They’re both reasonable but not exciting games – reviews here.

Escape Rooms Angel are offering a student discount of £90 for up to 7 players for weekday slots – for more details, drop them an email at Want to know more about the games? Check out my reviews or watch their promo video.

Mystery Cube are offering a 6 for the price of 5 offer – just use TLEM645 to get the discount.

If you’ve been thinking of booking Aftermath, the come-to-you game, they have a 10% discount – just use discount code LOGICESCAPESME.

If you want to try out VR escape rooms, VR Champions has a Groupon offer for 30/60 minute sessions for 2/4 people for £20/£40.

Agent November offer a 10% discount to anyone who books with an NUS card, NHS employees or serving members of the military.

And, if you’re still reading: well done! That’s news on 20 discounts covering most of London’s games. I hope it convinces you to book something!


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    Thank you for thi s, so useful!

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    Amazing roundup and congrats on the blog-specific discounts! You are industry-standard now, Ken! 🙂 as always, thanks for all the info, really appreciated.

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    Thanks! Glad it’s useful.

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    Great summary – really helpful, thanks. Just FYI the Mission Breakout code LOGICESCPME20 didn’t work for me.

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      Thanks – it’s restricted to weekday bookings during the day. Corrected now.

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    Nice post, is the Cluequest still working, it doesn’t seem to work for me.

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      It’s over a month since the article so I’m guessing it’s expired.

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    Hi there, I just wanted to check with you – is the Time Run code a 30% discount? When I enter it, it only gives me 10% off (though I won’t shun a discount of any amount!)


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    Do you have an updated article like this for 2020? 🙂

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      Sadly not. I might try to put one together when I’ve got some time but for now I don’t have anything. In the meantime, if you’re quick enough, try checking out clueQuest’s January discount and Escape Plan’s discount for two players.

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