- Overall rating:
Trapped In: Ruby Factory

A fun game where you’ll definitely get your money’s worth – most likely playing almost the full sixty minutes. A wide variety of puzzles, a fun scoring mechanism and an inevitably stressful finale made this a joy to play. The only drawbacks were a safety issue in the room and some temperamental props but in spite of those I’d heartily recommend.

- Overall rating:
Mission Breakout: Codebreakers

A game that really gets you into the spirit of the Second World War codebreakers. If you can cope with a slightly claustrophobic couple of minutes, some loud noise early on and a little bit of frustration in a later puzzle then I think you’ll have an amazing time. If you’ve interested in the work at Bletchley Park during the war then I think this is a must do. Oh, and it’s inside a disused Underground station!

- Overall rating:
Do Stuff: Hostage Hideout

A game that took escape room logic to a whole new level with me continually feeling a disconnect between the very specific storyline they’d chosen and the nonsensical puzzling we performed. If you ignore that, there are a variety of enjoyable puzzles with one or two that you’ll find novel as well as one that you might find incredibly frustrating. Beautifully hosted with clues provided at appropriate moments.

- Overall rating:
ClueTrace: Mind Crime

A cleverly themed room that did a wonderful job of evoking the mind in a physical space but that was let down by a collection of puzzles that felt more like they had been randomly thrown in than careful collected to allow you to flow through the game.

- Overall rating:
Sherlock Unlock: Mutiny

A much improved offering from Sherlock Unlock but far too short. Escaping in a third of your allotted time can never be a good result, especially not when it’s rated as maximum difficulty.

- Overall rating:
Hide and Shriek: Alien Escape

Very disappointing puzzles but excellent set and theatrics. If you think of this as an escape room you’ll likely be disappointed. If you treat it as a scare attraction I think you’ll enjoy.

- Overall rating:
Live Escape Essex: Dr Wilson's Office

A solid room with a decent theme but let down by some not very exciting puzzles. Worth playing if you’re in the area but not one I’d travel to.

- Overall rating:
Live Escape Essex: Room 13

A room with a slight scare factor that shouldn’t put you off. Good theming but let down a bit by basic puzzles.

- Overall rating:
Breakout Manchester: Reclassified

A game unusually heavy on skill elements but without being impenetrable. Tech resetting problems significantly affected our game so the star rating probably doesn’t reflect how much you’d enjoy it. Would recommend for something different and particularly for families.

The House of Time and Wonder

Disney, Timeout and clueQuest take over a four storey townhouse in Shoreditch and fill it with flamingo croquet, a mad hatter comedian, an origamist and photo booths for a surreal evening’s entertainment.