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Escape from the Room (Epsom): Chamber of Champions

A thoroughly enjoyable game that just kept delivering serotonin hit after serotonin hit with small wins that took us on our journey to the crown. If you like puzzle overload then this is the game for you.

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Cryptology (Nottingham): Dreamscape

A great game and one that I’d strongly encourage enthusiasts to play. It hits way more often than it misses and, even where it misses, I appreciated what it was trying to do. It’s packed full of puzzles, you’ll get close to your full hour of game time, and there’s an adrenaline rush from start to finish.

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Escape Room Nederland (Bunschoten): The Dome

A very belated review of the game that’s been voted the world’s best on two separate occasions, and with good reason. It mixed high-quality puzzles, impressive set decoration and a sense of adventure to leave every other escape room trailing in its wake.

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Adrenaline Escape (Wigan): Labyrinth

Labyrinth might start off a little slowly, but it gathers momentum. By the end, we were having a great time and left with big smiles on our faces. The real stand out for me was the impressive and contrasting visual elements of the game and I think other enthusiasts will be drawn in by that too.

Onigo (London): The Break Out

A game that’s little more than a walk round a park solving some puzzles on your phone. On a warm summer’s evening, it’s just about reasonable for a team of two but I wouldn’t sign up with a larger team unless you’re getting a discount.