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Live Escape Salisbury: SPECTRE

A great game that pulls together an intriguing story, a broad range of logical puzzles and beautiful props.

- Overall rating:
AIEscape: Kill M.A.D.

AI Escape don’t make my life easy. This is another game that’s incredibly hard to review dealing with a difficult subject matter that made this an experience with more depth than most. Ignoring that, though, they’ve put together good puzzles in a beautiful set to make a game that’s well worth playing.

- Overall rating:
Escape this Room

An impressive experience considering it was created for just a three week stint. Lots of high tech interactions, a game where you kept on expanding your space and a mixture of physical and mental puzzles led to an enjoyable game with the only real negative being a slightly over zealous games master.

- Overall rating:
Time Run: Celestial Chain

The long awaited sequel to Lance of Longinus. Celestial Chain does exactly what I’d expect and push the boundaries of escape rooms. As far as I’m concerned the two Time run games are the best in London and whether you rate this experience of Lance of Longinus more highly will probably depend on how much you accept the new format.

Vienna Escape Review: Fox in a Box

A write up of our visit to Fox in a Box Vienna – one of the Austrian branches of the international franchise. Solid, fun games with a great space for corporates but didn’t quite meet the wow factor of some of the independent companies in the city.

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Escapologic: Cryptic

A game which had a real sense of exploration as well as a stand out puzzle that got our whole team involved. A disappointing dearth of light sources left us wandering in the dark at times but as the game progressed that became less of an issue.

- Overall rating:
Escapologic: Curio

The single most impressive moment I’ve ever experienced in an escape room combined with obvious progress, good puzzles, a beautiful set and, that most intangible of things, “flow”, made this one of my all time favourite escape rooms.

- Overall rating:
Escapologic: E.P.I. Centre

A really enjoyable game with a great centrepiece set of physical puzzles. It’s the sort of game where experiences can vary wildly both between different teams but also within individual teams so I’d recommend reading the review and going in with your eyes open.

- Overall rating:
Houdini's Escape Room: Escape from Alcatraz

An well rounded experience from the moment you enter the shop to the moment you walk out the door. A tough start for novices but good plenty of good puzzles. Let down a bit by a couple of awkward moments in the game.