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Locked In Glasgow: The Surgery

A creepy, but not scary, experience that delivers great puzzles and plenty of surprises. It starts off reasonably innocuously but won me over with solid puzzles and a few clever touches that really help to deliver a great experience.

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Lockhill (Athens, Greece): Sanatorium

A fantastic experience, creepy even in non-scary mode, and potentially terrifying in the scarier version with actors. It’s got good puzzles, a great sense of exploration, “fun” character interactions and amazing theming. If you’re in Athens, and think you can cope, play this game, ideally in MIDNIGHT mode.

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Lockhill (Athens, Greece): Lockwood Manor

A game that felt like a slightly tired creepy experience. Don’t get me wrong: in another market, this would be a solid room, but Athens just isn’t any old market so, in order to compete, games have to be impressive. It’s a reasonable game but not one I’d visit unless I had a lot of time in the city.

Paris Escape Review: Phobia and You Have Sixty Minutes

Two scary games – The Departed is a good, creepy experience which you should only avoid if you hate scariness. Cannibal is an amazing scare experience that you should only do if you actively enjoyed scary games.

- Overall rating:
Adventox (London) - Haunted: The Curse of Dr Stevens

Of the three games at Adventox, this is my favourite. There’s a pretty set, a vague story that occasionally makes an appearance, enjoyable and logical puzzles, albeit without significant challenge, and a general flow that kept us entertained.