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The Panic Room (Harlow): North Pole Panic

A sweet, Christmas-themed escape room that delivers reasonable, straightforward puzzles in a pretty setting. It’s a great escape option for celebrating Christmas!

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Locked In Glasgow: Christmas Dream

Few games have filled me with such unbridled joy as Christmas Dream. The structure of puzzles gives you confidence in searching the room, the bonus elements are a fun addition, and the room is absolutely gorgeous throughout. This may be a pop-up experience lasting just a few weeks, but it felt like a permanent game, and it’s a travesty that they built it for such a short period.

Christmas Crossword

A tough cryptic crossword to provide some Christmas challenge

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Pressure Point Escape Rooms (Ashford): Murder on the Dancefloor

An absolute joy to play. Interesting theme, beautiful execution, good, logical puzzles and plenty of humour thrown in. I don’t know what Pressure Point’s magic is, but they make games that just seem to flow really well and where you come out on a high.