Hamburg Escape Rooms: Big Break

A fun set of rooms in the heart of Hamburg. We played Insomnia and Time Travel which were beautiful experiences with good puzzles and a great sense of exploration. Their third game also looked plenty of fun based on a brief walkthrough.

Hamburg Escape Rooms: Escape Venture

A review of the Doc Eisenbarth and Artefacts in this Hamburg franchise venue. Both were reasonable games but neither were particularly exciting.

Hamburg Escape Rooms: Twisted Rooms

A brief review of the Twisted Rooms venue which closed down not long after we visited. It’s not gone forever though – it’s reopening later this year nearby.

Hamburg Escape Rooms: Adventure Team

A high quality venue where we played two quite different games. If you’re a fan of more traditional escape rooms then They Stole a Million will probably appeal but if you want something a big higher tech then Countdown to Meltdown is the better choice. Or just play both!

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Torrenigma (Torre del Mar, Spain): El Amuleto Arcano/The Arcane Amulet

In a quiet seaside town you might expect a relatively basic game, but what we found was a strong room that would stand up well in any market. It’s got plenty of interesting and logical puzzles, is well decorated and weaves in a story that you can choose to take or leave.

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EscaPark Malaga: The Parallel Dimension

A beautifully crafted game full of nicely implemented puzzles that will appeal to you whatever your tastes. Would recommend if you’re in Málaga.

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ParaPark Malaga: The Fourth Element

A fun game which unfolds nicely. Simple puzzles, but some nice mechanics and a visually enjoyable finale. Would recommend if you’re in Málaga.

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Normally everything you read on this blog is written by me, but it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever make it to this room in Mexico City, so here’s a guest blog by one of my regular team mates. You can see their ratings for London escape rooms here – just search for “the Blasphemer”.  Outside the room On a recent
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Exit Madrid: Cold War - Double Agent

Outside the room Our weekend was rapidly coming to an end, but before heading home I had one last escape game to bring the total to five in 24 hours. After a brief breath of fresh air, it was back indoors with a new group to play Exit Madrid‘s “Cold War – Double Agent”. Having just broken their record
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