Shocktoberfest (Crawley)

A review of Tulleys Farm’s Hallowe’en attraction, Shocktoberfest. It’s a festival of fun with a variety of interesting attraction and a carnival feel to the whole event. If you’re not entirely turned off by scares then I’d recommend giving it a go. I did and I was surprised how much I enjoyed it!

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XScream Escapes (Ashford): The Corpsewood Killer and Bedlam

Two fun experiences which showed off the set design skills at XScream Escapes. Bedlam was our clear favourite, with more striking decoration, a real sense of exploration and better puzzles while the Corpsewood Killer was a more traditional style of escape room – still fun but a few weaknesses.

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Break Escape (Loughborough): Nerve Klinik

A scary game that packs in plenty of puzzles AND with GMs that are quite willing to terrorise you. If you’re easily scared, avoid like the plague but otherwise this is a fun experience where you can test yourself mentally in more ways than one.

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Ouija Bournemouth

A strange game. I’m not entirely convinced it’s even an escape room, although it probably has just enough of the elements to count as one. The puzzles were pretty poor, the decoration was no better, and the only thing of merit was really the theatre of the scare side of things.