January 2018

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Escape Room Hull: The Bank Job

A fun bank job game that presents a real challenge even for enthusiasts. It kept us busy for most of the hour, rarely leaving any of the team feeling like they were at a loose end and at times almost felt like we were involved in a real heist.

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Can You Escape? (York): Operation H.E.R.O.

A highly structured superhero mission with some great puzzles that were slightly marred by tech failures. In spite of that, I’d still highly recommend you head along and play – I still really enjoyed it with those failures and if you’re lucky enough to avoid them then you’ll have a great time.

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Escape Room Hull: The Aviator's Study

A fun but simple room with lots of logical puzzles. For me, it’s a great game for introducing players to the genre but enthusiasts should probably steer clear as it won’t present much of a challenge.

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ClueTrace (London): Mission Critical

A middle of the road game that would probably be decent value as a pair but lacks the depth to play as a larger group given the breadth of games on offer in London.

What's on at the Vault 2018?

A rundown of some of the shows in the 2018 Vault Festival that appealed to me including The Lifeboat, Revolution and Lamplighters.

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Do Stuff Escape (London): Pie & Mash Shop

A charming game that represents a step up since their first outing. It’s one of those experiences where I felt the whole was greater than the sum of the parts although the parts weren’t too shabby either.

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Time Trap (Reading): Imaginarium - 1863

The second outing from the impressive Time Trap team in Reading. An interesting take on the Alice in Wonderland theme, this game saw us entering Lewis Carroll’s mind in order to restore the memories he used to create his most famous book.

iDventure: Unfinished Case of Holmes

A review of iDventure’s Unfinished Case of Holmes – a play at home game. While the outer packaging looked inauspicious, there was much to appreciate – well printed clues, a good storyline, a nice central prop and some puzzles that were enjoyable. Sadly, the puzzles didn’t match the rest of the experience, leaving us with a sense of frustration.

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Clue Adventures (London): 2 Tickets 2 Ride

That rarest of experiences – a game created for precisely two players. A good game that doesn’t amaze but rarely puts a foot wrong – good theming, good flow, good puzzles, good finale. Like I said – a good game.