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Escape London - Shadwell: Escape the Seven Seas

A pretty game with some fun puzzles, but our enjoyment was severely impaired by the ambiguity of a couple of solutions. If you get easily frustrated, you should definitely steer clear of this experience but if not, then there’s definitely some fun to be had.

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Escape London - Shadwell: Witchcraft and Wizardry

A pretty room with a reasonable and nicely structured set of puzzles. Although it could most definitely be improved, we enjoyed our time in the game and, as London games go, it would sneak into my top half.

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Escape from the Room (London): The Cabin in the Woods

A review of this Sutton-based game which comes in 60 and 90 minutes versions. Created by enthusiasts for enthusiasts – this is a game that really shows how much love has been put in.

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Operation Escape (London): WWII - The Ops Room

A review of Operation Escape’s first game. If you’re a first time player, the hosting and reasonable puzzles will win you over but as enthusiasts we found ourselves a little underwhelmed.

London on a Budget

A round up of all the special offers available in London at the moment (including a few that are exclusive to this site) covering 20 different companies and discounts of up to around 50%.

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ClueTrace (London): Mission Critical

A middle of the road game that would probably be decent value as a pair but lacks the depth to play as a larger group given the breadth of games on offer in London.

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Do Stuff Escape (London): Pie & Mash Shop

A charming game that represents a step up since their first outing. It’s one of those experiences where I felt the whole was greater than the sum of the parts although the parts weren’t too shabby either.

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Clue Adventures (London): 2 Tickets 2 Ride

That rarest of experiences – a game created for precisely two players. A good game that doesn’t amaze but rarely puts a foot wrong – good theming, good flow, good puzzles, good finale. Like I said – a good game.

A Door in a Wall (London): Murder Most Fowl

A great taster event for A Door in a Wall. If you’re looking to organise a fun birthday party or corporate event with plenty of time for mingling then it’s a great choice. Don’t go in expecting their usual full scale events and you’ll likely come away very happy with the experience.

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Popup Escapes (London): The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds

A very different game from your average experience. It’s not particularly challenging and, as a popup, doesn’t have the beautiful, solid finish of a permanent game. What it does have is fun – managing to be easily accessible for first-timers while still having enough that’s different from your average escape room to engage enthusiasts.