Warsaw Escape Review: Escapers

It might be a little out of the way but this is well worth a visit. The weakest game was strong and the stronger games were a lot of fun. Interesting puzzles, pretty sets and good GMing.

Warsaw Escape Review: Black Cat Escape Rooms

A venue with several controversial games. One I didn’t play after seeing my teammates reactions, one had racist overtones that made me incredibly uncomfortable, one that involved hard core pornography being played in the room and then two other uncontroversial rooms which were reasonably strong.

Warsaw Escape Review: Escape Room Warsaw

Three solid games with a couple that I’d actively recommend – Medieval in particular was really enjoyable after a slightly rocky start while Museum started off strongly but petered out a little. Time Machine was still a reasonable effort although it never truly captured my imagination.

Warsaw Escape Review: Hard Lock

A three game venue with great GMing and facilities but where we felt a lot of frustration in the games. Terrorist is probably the most interesting experience with a few cool moments in the game. Mafia Snitch has one seriously impressive centrepiece and Chernobyl was a disappointment.

Warsaw Escape Review: Dom Zagadek

Three solid games. Not the best you’ll find in Warsaw but certainly enjoyable with nothing that’s likely to particularly frustrate and each with their own charms.

Warsaw Escape Review: Room Escape Warsaw

A venue that I wouldn’t recommend – the GMs were poor, one game was broken, one game had a horrible, horrible puzzle and the third game was enjoyable but nothing special. Note that this is a different venue to Escape Room Warsaw which has far better games even though the two brands are linked.

A Tourist's Review of Amsterdam Escape Rooms

A roundup of all the games we played in Amsterdam including at Questomatica, Sherlocked, Save Amsterdam, Escape World, Boom Chicago, MyEscape.Club, Logiclocks and Locked.Amsterdam. 18 games and not one of them was bad – this may be the city with the highest average quality of all that I’ve played.

Amsterdam Escape Review: Save Amsterdam

A triumvirate of games where you had to save Amsterdam from various disasters. Three solid rooms with very different feels to each. Black Hole was our favourite with a great sense of exploration and discovery and plenty of interesting puzzles.

Amsterdam Escape Review: Logiclocks

One of the older Amsterdam escape rooms but still high quality. Great story and immersion, good progression and solid puzzles throughout. Definitely worth playing if you’re in the city.