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Budapest Escape Review: Mindquest - Portal

A game that had some enjoyable puzzles but which had the edge taken off by too many red herrings, a lack of signposting on what you were meant to be doing and a finale that was lacklustre.

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Budapest Escape Review: AROOM - Metro

A fresh brand from an established company, AROOM seems to be aiming at the premium market and the game we played certainly suggests they’re putting together experiences to match that goal.

Budapest Escape Review: Mystique Rooms

A review of two of the newer games at Mystique Escape Rooms. Towers of Woolongong was pretty dull but Pirate Bay was an excellent adventure that I’d thoroughly recommend to enthusiasts.

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Tulleys Escape Rooms (Crawley): Nethercott Manor

From the moment the game started, I knew it was going to be something special. An experience that takes you on an incredible journey with a high-quality set and an unbelievable number of puzzles.

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Guildford Escape Rooms: Venus

The funniest game I’ve played. For that alone it deserves high praise, but alongside it they’ve got a great mission, fun puzzles and a good ending. I’d highly recommend heading along.

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Guildford Escape Rooms: The Case of the Missing Gun

A pretty room which delivers some relatively difficult puzzles for enthusiasts to get their teeth stuck into. A couple of places saw us go off the rails, but good GMing meant that we were always kept on track.