- Overall rating:
Enigma Rooms (Doncaster): The Heist

A weak start plagued by ambiguity meant the Heist never got going in spite of its no-padlock promise and pretty lay out.

- Overall rating:
LetsXcape (Newark): The Rig

The Rig draws history from the surrounding area, has a beautiful, industrial set and delivers challenges that capture the physicality that a story about oil drilling needed. No single thing is amazing but there is more than enough here to impress and very little where it goes wrong.

Prague Escape Review: Coderoom

A review of the two games at Coderoom – one of which was average and the other of which was significantly poorer.

Prague Escape Review: The Padlock - Cemetery

Another great experience from the team at the Padlock. A stunningly decorated game with solid puzzles and good theatrical moments. Well worth playing if you’re in Prague.

Prague Escape Review: Questerland - Star Element

Not the best game at the venue but, with some good puzzles and above average decoration, this is overall a fun experience if you can look past a couple of logic leaps and the odd tedious step.

Prague Escape Review: Riddle Twist - Xaverius

A beautiful set with plenty of puzzles and a longer than average duration which I think is as much about making sure you have a great experience in the room as it is fitting in those extra challenges.

- Overall rating:
Cryptology (Nottingham): Rameseize

A really fun game that was let down slightly by a couple of challenges near the end. Expect a big, meandering set, reasonable decoration, fun puzzles and plenty to keep you occupied for most of your hour.

Prague Escape Review: Endorfin

A review of two games. One that looked impressive but where we never really felt the game flowed and a second that was very different from your average game – thirty minutes long in a very unusual space and where you play on your own!

- Overall rating:
Prague Escape Review: Decrypt - The Red Room

A room that throws you off-balance from the moment you enter then delivers one of the most endearing, quirky experiences I’ve had the good fortune to play. If you’re looking for something in Prague that’s fun and very different from your normal room then this is the game you want to play.