- Overall rating:
Project Breakout (Brighouse, Yorkshire): Antidote

A fun game, with logical, enjoyable puzzles. You’re not going to find anything earth-shattering, but there’s plenty of fun to be had here, and the theatre at each end of the experience adds something a little unusual to proceedings.

- Overall rating:
Escapem (Sabadell, nr Barcelona, Spain): Bajo Zero

A great game with a real feeling of adventure. There are good, logical challenges embedded within the experience but, if you choose the hard option, expect to find a couple that are less fun.

Athens Escape Review: Room 54 (Swamp of Sorrows and Ring of Protection)

Two very different games. Swamp of Sorrows was an impressive experience that transported us to a new world with varied puzzles and an interesting finale. Ring of Protection didn’t engage me with its repeated use of missions over puzzles and a generally less impressive set.

- Overall rating:
The Panic Room (Harlow): North Pole Panic

A sweet, Christmas-themed escape room that delivers reasonable, straightforward puzzles in a pretty setting. It’s a great escape option for celebrating Christmas!

- Overall rating:
Locked In Glasgow: Christmas Dream

Few games have filled me with such unbridled joy as Christmas Dream. The structure of puzzles gives you confidence in searching the room, the bonus elements are a fun addition, and the room is absolutely gorgeous throughout. This may be a pop-up experience lasting just a few weeks, but it felt like a permanent game, and it’s a travesty that they built it for such a short period.

- Overall rating:
Athens Escape Review: Escapepolis – Cosmos 05

A beautiful, extended sci-fi game that manages to deliver a complete experience from start to finish despite a relatively small floor area. With regular bouts of adrenaline to keep you on your toes and a puzzle experience that was generally good, it’s a game that I’d highly recommend.