Netherlands Escape Review: MyEscape.Club (Amsterdam)

Two games with high-quality decoration throughout that really conveyed their themes. Both are well worth playing, even in the high-quality Amsterdam market although, be warned that we found them a little lacking in signposting for some of the puzzles.

Netherlands Review: Escape Experience - the Artifact (The Hague)

A company with a forgettable name but a memorable game. You might not be wowed straightaway but it just keeps getting better. Reasonable set design improved throughout the experience and after a disappointing start, the puzzles that followed were top quality challenges.

- Overall rating:
Escape Hub (Maidstone): Inbound

A game that takes you on a cool journey through a beautifully designed set. Lots of logical puzzles to get your teeth into too.

- Overall rating:
Clever Dilemma (Faversham): Dracula's Chambers

A really fun game with good decoration and props. There’s solid puzzling to be had and tough searching if that’s your thing. For me, it’s a feelgood room which enthusiasts will enjoy playing, finding it logical and challenging while never feeling like they’re likely to fail.

- Overall rating:
Escape in the Towers (Canterbury): The Comms Room

A beautifully engineered game, that provides theatre in abundance and solid puzzling throughout. As a bonus, it managed to teach us some history, maybe even giving us a taste of what the period was like, while still feeling like a normal game.