The Logic Escapes Me

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Exit Newcastle: Fiorella's Cave and Volatile Laboratories

Two fun games from one of the better companies in Newcastle. Volatile Laboratories was probably impressive in its time but didn’t excite me that much while Fiorella’s cave was a really good experience let down by a couple of tedious puzzles.

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Pirate Escape (Whitley Bay): Forbidden Jungle, The Brig and Mutiny

Three fun pirate-themed games. The Brig was the most accessible with the clearest puzzle structure. Jungle was packed full of puzzles but felt a little more chaotic. Mutiny had more multi-stage puzzles than I’ve seen in almost any game.

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Pressure Point (Ashford): The Moonlit Wild

A thoroughly enjoyable romp through a jungle world with pretty decoration and fun puzzles. It’s worth mentioning that this is a particularly child-friendly room with a beautiful, engaging set and bonus search content.

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Pressure Point (Ashford): Broken

A fun game with a great balance of puzzles. I loved the unusual theme, the clever structure, the strong set and the confident finale. Pressure Point seem to have the knack of creating games that feel really polished and leave you with that hard-to-define feeling of “flow”.

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Thorpe Park: Jungle Escape

A very short crystal-maze-esque experience. Personally, I don’t think it’s worth taking time out from the rest of the park for enthusiasts but, if you want to take a break from rides after lunch, you could do worse and at £7 per person, it’s not extortionate.

Other World Escapes (Portsmouth): The Pub and Vermilion

Reviews of Pub and Vermillion. The former was an unusual theme with some good puzzles and cool reveals but some rough edges in a few of the puzzles. The latter while receiving good reviews from enthusiasts, didn’t work well for us although, at least in part, that was related to tech failure and misfortune in our order of solving the puzzles.

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Exciting Escapes (Portsmouth): Murder at the Movies

Another good offering from Exciting Escapes. The beautiful set, combined with some tougher, unusual puzzles and some good, logical challenges makes this a game that I’d recommend if you’re in the area.

The Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace (London): Leonardo's Artmergency!

You’re unlikely to get another chance to play in quite such an impressive venue or with such interesting props and, for that alone, this game is worth playing. In spite of a weak start, it delivered a fun experience overall and, while there were certainly moments of frustration during the remainder of the game, they were outweighed by the experience.