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Athens Escape Review: Adventure Arena - The Prison

A game that wasn’t all that I’d hoped for, but was still very good. The fantastic sense of exploration, a cool prison set and some challenging puzzles are more than enough to deliver a great experience to players.

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Athens Escape Review: Darkwood Village - Mrs Rose's Cottage

A beautiful game with some good puzzles. I think most teams will find it to be one of their favourite experiences in the city. I adored the start to this game, and I think the rest would have lived up to that had we not quickly reached the limit of what they could do from a scare point of view.

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Athens Escape Review: The Brainfall Hotel (Down the Rabbit Hole and Dark Seas)

A pair of fun experiences with gorgeous sets but with the actors that didn’t really add to the experience. In one, the actor got a bit repetitive, while in the other, the actors weren’t very relevant. Go in expecting an immersive theatre/escape room hybrid and you should have a good time.

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Athens Escape Review: Mystery Lab - Requiem

The problem with Athens is that there are so many great experiences that it’s easy to start getting blasé about them. If this game were in the UK, I’d be raving about it. There’s a cool start, a clever ending and a huge amount of exploration during the game. There are plenty of solid puzzles and some really fun ones. There are frights but not ones that overpower the experience. This is a very good game even by Athens’ standards, but in most locations it would likely be the best in the area and an absolute must-play.

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Athens Escape Review: Escaped (Peristeri) - The Otherside

A game that takes a popular theme and translates it into a thoroughly enjoyable escape room. There’s an incredible sense of exploration, a cool set with some amazing transitions, good decoration and enjoyable puzzles. This is one of those games which is strong in virtually every department, delivering an experience that’s hard to fault.

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Athens Escape Review: Reality Ripples - Deadlock

A game that lives on its start, finish and scares. It begins with a bang and finishes off in equally impressive style. In between, your heart will spend most of its time pounding in your chest. The puzzles, in contrast, were a bit of a let down so make sure to go in with your eyes open if you book.

Athens Escape Review: Room 54 (Swamp of Sorrows and Ring of Protection)

Two very different games. Swamp of Sorrows was an impressive experience that transported us to a new world with varied puzzles and an interesting finale. Ring of Protection didn’t engage me with its repeated use of missions over puzzles and a generally less impressive set.

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Athens Escape Review: Escapepolis – Cosmos 05

A beautiful, extended sci-fi game that manages to deliver a complete experience from start to finish despite a relatively small floor area. With regular bouts of adrenaline to keep you on your toes and a puzzle experience that was generally good, it’s a game that I’d highly recommend.

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Athens Escape Review: Paradox Project - The Bookstore

One of the best games I’ve experienced. Over three hours of gorgeous set, interesting puzzles and an overarching narrative that flows through from their opening game. Go to Athens and play this game.

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Athens Escape Review: Paradox Project - The Mansion

A three-hour game that feels so different to your average experience and not just because of the ample space and time. With a strong narrative via video segment and plenty of enjoyable puzzles, it’s a game that you should definitely book if you head to Athens.