- Overall rating:
The Escaporium (Halifax): Operation Moonshine

An engaging Prohibition-themed room, with beautiful decorations, a magnificent centrepiece and puzzles that held my interest right till the end of the game.

- Overall rating:
The Escaporium (Halifax): The Haligonian

A charming room and perfect for players who are looking for something that’s perhaps a little more cultural and touristy than your average escape room.

- Overall rating:
Time Race (Bury): The Invitation

A room that has an interesting central mechanic and some good immersion but was let down by most of the puzzles having some flaw and the final puzzle being basically impossible.

The Escape Book - Ivan Tapia

A great choice if you fancy a little alone time but still getting your escape room puzzle fix. A reasonable narrative and generally good puzzles make this a fun evening in.

- Overall rating:
Trapp’d Peterborough: The Outlaws of Red Rock

An expansive game with a bias towards physical interactive challenges. The puzzles in this game help tell a story and the theming is impressive. Well worth a visit.

- Overall rating:
Trapp'd Peterborough: Madame Curio's Cirque Delirium

An unconventional but fun escape room with a focus on skill-based challenges and interesting transitions. A great introduction for people who might find conventional puzzles intimidating and fun for anyone that doesn’t mind the (easy) skill challenges.

- Overall rating:
Time Trap (Reading): Imaginarium - 1863

The second outing from the impressive Time Trap team in Reading. An interesting take on the Alice in Wonderland theme, this game saw us entering Lewis Carroll’s mind in order to restore the memories he used to create his most famous book.

- Overall rating:
Clue Adventures (London): 2 Tickets 2 Ride

That rarest of experiences – a game created for precisely two players. A good game that doesn’t amaze but rarely puts a foot wrong – good theming, good flow, good puzzles, good finale. Like I said – a good game.

A Door in a Wall (London): Murder Most Fowl

A great taster event for A Door in a Wall. If you’re looking to organise a fun birthday party or corporate event with plenty of time for mingling then it’s a great choice. Don’t go in expecting their usual full scale events and you’ll likely come away very happy with the experience.