Rankings – Up North

This page ranks all the escape rooms in the North of England and Wales (but mainly in the North West of England). You can see my complete rankings here.

Extremescape: The Pirate Ship
Escape Quest: Bad Clown
Escape Room Centre: Egyptian Room
Extremescape: The Lost Tomb
Lucardo Rawtenstall – University of Magic: Dragon’s Heart.
Escape Quest (Macclesfield): Henry Fortune’s House of Illusion
Escape Quest: Amazon Escape
Escape Room Centre: Secret of the Tomb
Code to Exit: The Dark Ages
Trapped In: Ruby Factory
Kanyu – Secrets of South Lodge. (Wetherby): Lightning in a Bottle
Trapped In (Bury): Interstellar
Wirral Escape Rooms: The Curse of the Golden Lion
Escape Quest (Macclesfield): The 13th Element
The Escaporium (Halifax): Crux Codicillus
The Live Escape (Huddersfield): Underground
Code to Exit: Blueprint/Edward Teller’s Room
St Helens vs The Lizards
Escape Quest: Curious Encounters
Exit Strategy: Nostromo
Can You Escape York: Operation Lone Eagle
Cliffhanger Rooms: The Pharaoh’s Curse
ClueFinders: Remy’s Room
Lucardo: The Dream
Escape Room Centre: Secret Agent
Escape Room Centre: the Bomb
gamEscape: Armageddon
Lucardo (Manchester): Gem Runner
Escape Room Hull: Prison Break
Kanyu – Secrets of South Lodge. (Wetherby): Follow in my footsteps
Clue HQ Warrington: The Vault
The Strategy (Sunderland): The Box, The Way to Wonderland, The Vault
Escape Quest (Macclesfield): Mr Copplestone’s Curiosity Shoppe
The Live Escape: Prison Breakout
Breakout Liverpool: Classified
Exit Strategy: the Illuminati
The Escape Room (Preston): Taken
Code to Exit: The Test
The Escape Room (Preston): Gallery
The Escape Room (Preston): The Mummy
Trapped In: Time Machine
Escape Blackpool: Contagion
Breakout Manchester: Reclassified
Ultimate Escape: CSI Murder Mystery
Lucardo: Virginia House
moviESCAPE: The Haunted House
LockIn Real Escape: Mission 60
LockIn Real Escape: Jail Break
ClueFinders: The Tomb
Breakout Liverpool: Cursed Carnival
The Great Escape Game Leeds: Abducted
Trapped In (Bury): CSI
GR8escape York: Space Cadet
Clue HQ Warrington: The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun
Breakout Liverpool: Wanted (Cowboys)
Tick Tock Unlock Manchester: The Hatch
Trapped In: Air Traffic Control
Cliffhanger Rooms: Bank Vault Heist
Trapped In: Crazy Clown’s Carnival
Breakout Liverpool: Wanted (Indians)
GR8escape York: Spy School
gamEscape: Golden Cage
The Escape Room (Preston): Vampire Chronicles
Atherton Escape Rooms: The Missing Child
Atherton Escape Rooms: Train Waiting Room
Lock Down Escape Exit Games: The Lost Soul
Breakout Liverpool: Shipwrecked
moviESCAPE: SAWtopsy
Timed Trap: The Great Escape
Timed Trap: Treasure Theft
Time Race (Bury): Vault 17
Breakout Manchester: Virus
The Escape Room Newcastle(-under-Lyme): Spy Mission

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