UK escape room guide

Here’s a map of all the games in this region. Click on the icons to see individual game information or scroll down to see recommendations for the region.

Note that positions of games are approximate to allow you to easily see info about individual rooms.

Top picks

Highly recommended

Other good games: The MacGuffin Project: The MacGuffin (Bournemouth), Enigma Quests: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry (London), Escape Room Centre: Egyptian (Blackpool), Escape in Time: Secret Studio (London), The Panic Room Gravesend 2: The Dollhouse (Gravesend)

More good games: Escape Rooms: Room 33 (London), Archimedes Inspiration: Kill M.A.D. (London), Time Trap: Imaginarium – 1863 (Reading), Code to Exit: Dark Ages (Manchester), Kanyu: Lightning in a Bottle (Wetherby)

Even more good games: Escape Quest: Amazon Escape (Macclesfield), Clue Finders: Remy's Room (Liverpool), Escape Room Centre: Secret of the Tomb (Blackpool), Escapologic: Heistakes (Nottingham), Tulleys Escape Rooms: Mutiny (Crawley)

Yet more good games: Unescapable: Edith (Derby), Enigma Quests: The Million Pound Heist (London), Breakin' Escape: Heist Plan: The Garage (London), Escape Rooms: Pharaoh's Chamber (London), Unescapable: Tommy (Derby)

and a few more good games: Thinking Outside the Box: Merlin's Mystery (Peterborough), Elusion Rooms: The Pandora Heist (Southampton), Clue Adventures: 2 Tickets 2 Ride (London), Trapp'd Peterborough: The Outlaws of Red Rock (Peterborough), Stuck in the Riddle: The Dungeon (Huddersfield)

Fun facts

  • I’ve played 251 of 956 open games in this region
  • If you include games of the same (or similar) design that I’ve played elsewhere, I’ve played 348.
  • Largest venue capacity: 78 – Locked in a Room London.