Complete ratings

The following ratings are personal rankings and have been made based on visits spread over the space of a couple of years, so take them with a pinch of salt. I don’t like to make out these are too scientific, but I think of the star ratings as:

  • 5: This is a great experience, and you should play if at all possible
  • 4: Thoroughly enjoyable game. You’ll enjoy it unless you’ve only played 5 star games before
  • 3: Reasonable game. Probably has something negative about it – read the review to work out whether that’s a showstopper for you.
  • 2: Disappointing game. I wouldn’t recommend it, but there’s some merit.
  • 1: Only play this if no other games meet your requirements (e.g. they’re all booked up, you’re organising lots of teams and it’s the only company that’ll accommodate you or you’ve done all the other rooms).
Time Run: The Lance of Longinus
Enter the Oubliette: Escape from New Pelagia [CLOSED]
Extremescape: The Pirate Ship
clueQuest: Revenge of the Sheep (the one with the SheepMutator)
The Crystal Maze
Escape Quest: Bad Clown
Escape Room Centre: Egyptian Room
Bewilder Box
Extremescape: The Lost Tomb
Marvo Mysteries: M.A.R.V.O. Induction
Escapologic: Curio
Time Run: Celestial Chain
Locked In Edinburgh: The Secret Lab
Live Escape Salisbury: SPECTRE
Clockwork Dog (London): Loop
Co-decode (Swindon): Professor Dunstan and the Search for the Ancient Statuette
Berlin Escape Review: Smart Room (Andere Welt)
CTRL ALT ESC (Margate): Frankenscape
Bewilder Box (Bright): Judgement D.A.V.E.
Make Your Escape (Derby): Utopia and Dystopia
Prague Escape Review: The Chamber – Poltergeist
Unreal Room Escape (Barcelona, Spain): La Mina (The Mine)
Cave Escape (Nottingham): Carfax
Prague Escape Review: MindMaze – Galactic Pioneers
Tulleys Escape Rooms (Crawley): Nethercott Manor
Budapest Escape Review: E-Exit – Santa Muerte
Doomsday Games (Colchester): Pathogen
clueQuest (London) – cQ: ORIGENES
Crime Runners (Vienna/Wien, Austria): Going Underground
TimeTrap Escape Rooms (Reading): Station X
Lucardo Rawtenstall – University of Magic: Dragon’s Heart.
Escape Quest (Macclesfield): Henry Fortune’s House of Illusion
Co-Decode (Swindon): Sub Terra
Extremescape (Disley): Viking
Escape in the Towers (Canterbury): The Comms Room
Netherlands Escape Review: DarkPark (Zoetermeer) – Honeymoon Hotel and The End
Houdini’s Escape Room Experience (Southampton): Escape the RMS Titanic
Netherlands Escape Review: Down the Hatch (Voorburg, The Hague)
Netherlands Review: Escape Experience – the Artifact (The Hague)
Pier Pressure (Brighton): Loot the Lanes
Paris Escape Review: The Game – Space Mission
Paris Escape Review: Lock Academy (Tres Cher Lock, Revolt and LA Confidential)
Paris Escape Review: HintHunt – The Pirate’s Secret
Tulleys Escape Rooms (Crawley): Dodge City
Athens Escape Review: Paradox Project – The Bookstore
Athens Escape Review: Escapepolis – Cosmos 05
Athens Escape Review: Mystery Lab – Requiem
Lockhill (Athens, Greece): Sanatorium
Athens Escape Review: Escaped (Peristeri) – The Otherside
Locked in Edinburgh: The Cutting Room
Locked in Glasgow: Witch House in Scottish Highlands
Locked in Glasgow: Glasgow School of Magic
Escape Room Nederland (Bunschoten): The Dome
Cryptology (Nottingham): Daylight Robbery
Escape from the Room (Epsom): Chamber of Champions
Paris Escape Review: Deep Inside – The Magician of Paris and Funhouse
Paris Escape Review: Pandore & Associés – Règlement de Contes (Fairytale Regulations)
clueQuest: Operation Black Sheep (the satellite one)
Exit Madrid: Cold War – Double Agent
Amsterdam Escape Review: Logic Locks – The Catacombs
Athens Escape Review: Paradox Project – The Mansion
De Gouden Kooi (Mechelen, Belgium): The Secret of Saint-Rumoldus
clueQuest: Plan52 (the one with the red box)
Escape Rooms: Pharaoh’s Chamber
Secret Studio: Escape in Time!
Escape Rooms: Room 33
Room Escape Adventures: Trapped in a Room with a Zombie
Enigma Quests: The School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
Escape Plan: The Adventure Begins
Escape Quest: Amazon Escape
Escape Room Centre: Secret of the Tomb
Code to Exit: The Dark Ages
Trapped In: Ruby Factory
Clue Adventures: The Book of Secrets
Escapologic: 13utcher
The Panic Room Gravesend: The Dollhouse
The Panic Room Gravesend: Old Father Time
The Escapement (Margate): Pirates of Polaris
Escape in the Towers (Canterbury): Crime & Punishment Lab
The Escapement (Margate): Egyptian Exodus
The MacGuffin Project (Bournemouth): The MacGuffin
TimeTrap Escape Rooms (Reading): Rebellion 1136
Escape Kent (Canterbury): Pirates of the Stormy Seas
Tulleys Escape (Crawley): Mutiny
Tulleys Escape (Crawley): The Outfitters
Time Trap (Reading): Imaginarium – 1863
Kanyu – Secrets of South Lodge. (Wetherby): Lightning in a Bottle
Trapped In (Bury): Interstellar
Escape Plan (London): The Battle for Britain
The Panic Room (Gravesend): Dino Land
Make Your Escape (Derby): Spellbound
Brussels Escape Review: Escape Rush (Submarine Bunker)
Crack It (Bolton): Haunted Mansion
TimeTrap Escape Rooms (Reading): The Divide
CTRL ALT ESC (Margate): Spacescape
Prison Island Benálmadena (Málaga, Spain)
Netherlands Escape Review: Kamer 237 (Volkel)
Pier Pressure (Brighton): Modrophenia
Pressure Point Escape Rooms (Ashford): Murder on the Dancefloor
AI Escape (London): Project Ðelta
Lucardo (Rawtenstall, Lancashire): Corruption
Lucardo (Manchester): University of Magic
Guildford Escape Rooms: Venus
Budapest Escape Review: AROOM – Metro
LetsXcape (Newark): The Rig
Prague Escape Review: The Padlock – Cemetery
Prague Escape Review: Riddle Twist – Xaverius
X-it Games (Shipley, Yorkshire): Afterlife
Wirral Escape Rooms: The Curse of the Golden Lion
Escape Quest (Macclesfield): The 13th Element
The Escaporium (Halifax): Crux Codicillus
Pressure Point (Ashford): Broken
Paris Escape Review: Majestic Escape Game (Atlantis)
Exciting Escapes (Southampton): Silence is a Virtue
Vienna Escape Review: Time Busters – Western Jailbreak
The Escapement (Margate): The Pit
Ctrl-Alt-Esc (Margate): Detention
Crack It Bolton: Pirate Cove
Netherlands Escape Review: MyEscape.Club (Amsterdam)
Paris Escape Review: Odyssey – La Pièce
Escape Nation (Stafford): The Citadel
Lucardo (Manchester): The Prison
Locked In Glasgow: Christmas Dream
Dimension Escape Room (Almería): La guarida de Maximo Max
Athens Escape Review: Adventure Arena – The Prison
Escapem (Sabadell, nr Barcelona, Spain): Bajo Zero
Athens Escape Review: Darkwood Village – Mrs Rose’s Cottage
Locked In Glasgow: The Surgery
Locked In Glasgow: The Heist
Sherlock: The Game Is Now (London)
Cryptology (Nottingham): Dreamscape
Cave Escape (Nottingham): Monuments
Escape from the Room (Epsom): The return of Old Maid Milly
Escape from the Room: The Curse of Old Maid Milly
Escapologic: Cryptic
Breakin’ Escape (London): Heist Plan – The Garage
Thinking Outside the Box (Peterborough): Stranded
Enigma Quests (London): Million Pound Heist
Escape Rooms (Angel, London): Project D.I.V.A.
Code to Exit (Altrincham): The Forger
The Live Escape (Huddersfield): Underground
Inkwell Investigations (London): Murder History
Get Lost Escape Rooms (Dover): The Abandoned Cottage
Clockwork Escapes (Wolverhampton): Starpoint Alpha
Mostly Harmless (London): Phobos 17
XScream Escapes (Ashford): The Corpsewood Killer and Bedlam
Exciting Escapes (Portsmouth): Murder at the Movies
Adventox (London) – Haunted: The Curse of Dr Stevens
Escape Hub (Maidstone): Inbound
Clever Dilemma (Faversham): Dracula’s Chambers
The Panic Room (Harlow): North Pole Panic
Eeek Escape Rooms (Linlithgow): The Blunt Axe
Escapologic (Nottingham): Immaterium
Handmade Mysteries: Lady Chastity’s Reserve
Escape Land: Age of Steampunk
Code to Exit: Blueprint/Edward Teller’s Room
St Helens vs The Lizards
Exit Madrid: The Laboratory
The Rombo Code: Casanova
The Rombo Code: Capítulo 43
Mystery Cube
Lock’d: Perpetuum Mobile
Clockwork Dog: Langstroth’s Last Riddle
Think Fun: Mystery at the Stargazer’s Manor
Omescape: Penitentiary
Escape Quest: Curious Encounters
ParaPark Malaga: The Fourth Element
Exit Strategy: Nostromo
Can You Escape York: Operation Lone Eagle
Cliffhanger Rooms: The Pharaoh’s Curse
EscaPark Malaga: The Parallel Dimension
ClueFinders: Remy’s Room
Lucardo: The Dream
Mission Breakout: Codebreakers
Escape Room Centre: Secret Agent
Escape Room Centre: the Bomb
ClueCapers: Rescue from Winchokey
Houdini’s Escape Room: Escape from Alcatraz
Salisbury Escape Rooms: FRAMED
Escapologic: E.P.I. Centre
gamEscape: Armageddon
Escapologic: Contraption
Escapologic: Howitz
Logiclock Nottingham: Casa Nostra – the Sicilian Adventure
Escape this Room
AIEscape: Kill M.A.D.
Handmade Mysteries: Poppa Plock
Breakin’ Escape (London): Blackwing’s Cave
Breakin’ Escape (London): War on Horizon Alpha
The Panic Room Gravesend: The Gilman Hotel
The Panic Room Gravesend: Million Dollar Date Night (Season 1)
Canterbury Escape Rooms: Jail Escape
History Mystery (Norwich): Body of Evidence
The Panic Room Gravesend: The Don
Exciting Escapes Southampton: A Hidden Past
Exciting Escapes Southampton: Change the Record
Exciting Escapes Southampton: Breaking the Law
Thinking Outside the Box (Peterborough): Merlin’s Mystery
ClueCapers (Winchester): Mission to Winchintzy
Escape Rooms (Angel, London): Dark Side of the Moon
The MacGuffin Project (Bournemouth): The Fortune Teller
Elusion Rooms (Southampton): The Pandora Heist
Lucardo (Manchester): Gem Runner
Break Escape (Loughborough): The Sands of Time
Torrenigma (Torre del Mar, Spain): El Amuleto Arcano/The Arcane Amulet
Clue Adventures (London): 2 Tickets 2 Ride
Can You Escape? (York): Operation H.E.R.O.
Do Stuff Escape (London): Pie & Mash Shop
Escape Room Hull: The Bank Job
Escape London – Shadwell: Witchcraft and Wizardry
The Escaporium (Halifax): Operation Moonshine
Escape from the Room (London): The Cabin in the Woods
Trapp’d Peterborough: Madame Curio’s Cirque Delirium
Trapp’d Peterborough: The Outlaws of Red Rock
Game Over (Derby): Jack the Ripper
Escape Room Hull: Prison Break
Kanyu – Secrets of South Lodge. (Wetherby): Follow in my footsteps
Experimental Escape (Leamington Spa): The Machine
Escape Time (Sutton Coldfield): The Chocolate Factory
Unescapable (Derby): Edith
Unescapable (Derby): Tommy
Escapologic (Nottingham): Heistakes
Stuck in the Riddle (Huddersfield): The Dungeon
Enigma Rooms (Sheffield): Voodoo
Real Life Games (Ramsgate): Extinction
Indizio (Köln/Cologne): Santa’s List
Clue HQ Warrington: The Vault
Deception Escape Rooms (Matlock, Derbyshire): Trapped
Escape Hunt (Leeds): The Fourth Samurai
Scramm (Banbury): The Chocolate Factory
AIM Escape (London): Patient Zero 2150
Mission Breakout (London): The Lost Passenger
Get Lost Escape Rooms (Dover): World Fair Hotel
Pressure Point (Ashford): The Accused
Pier Pressure (Brighton): Pavilion Perplex
La Casa de las Habitaciones (Málaga, Spain): Dungeons and Druids
Parapark (Málaga, Spain): The 9th Gateway
X-Door (Málaga, Spain): Haunted Prison
Netherlands Escape Review: Locked Amsterdam – The Liebermann Conspiracy
Break Escape (Loughborough): Nerve Klinik
Prague Escape Review: Decrypt – The Red Room
Break Escape (Loughborough): The Enchanted Forest
Cryptology (Nottingham): Rameseize
Never Give Up (Newcastle): King Tut’s Tomb and The Dungeon
Prague Escape Review: Questerland – Star Element
Budapest Escape Review: Mystery Games – Secrets of the Deep
Prague Escape Review: Elixir Mystery
Breakin’ Escape (London): Wizarding School
The Strategy (Sunderland): The Box, The Way to Wonderland, The Vault
Escape Quest (Macclesfield): Mr Copplestone’s Curiosity Shoppe
Vienna Escape Review: Masters of Escape (Prison Break and Case 187)
Hysteria Escape Rooms (Chatham): Aftermath, Motel California and The Forgotten Realm
Pressure Point (Ashford): The Moonlit Wild
Exit Newcastle: Fiorella’s Cave and Volatile Laboratories
Crackit Bolton: Boot Camp
Adrenaline Escape (Wigan): Labyrinth
Adrenaline Escape (Wigan): Lab 3436
HintHunt (London): Golden Share
Komnata (London): St Angelo’s Castle
Mythologic Games (Gillingham): The Game and Hypnos
Athens Escape Review: Reality Ripples – Deadlock
Timelock’d (Gravesend): The Xscape Factor
Project Breakout (Brighouse, Yorkshire): Operation Clearsafe
Lockhill (Athens, Greece): Lockwood Manor
Athens Escape Review: The Brainfall Hotel (Down the Rabbit Hole and Dark Seas)
Fox in a Box (London): Zodiac Killer
Omescape: Biohazard Laboratory
Agent November: Major X Plow-Shun
The Live Escape: Prison Breakout
Hidden Rooms: Prison Break
Breakout Liverpool: Classified
Lock’d: Grandpa’s Last Will
Lock’d: Museum Warehouse
Escape Entertainment: Bank Heist
Exit Strategy: the Illuminati
The Escape Room (Preston): Taken
Code to Exit: The Test
The Escape Room (Preston): Gallery
The Escape Room (Preston): The Mummy
Trapped In: Time Machine
Mind the Game: Crazy Professor
Escape Blackpool: Contagion
Escape Land: Da Vinci’s Exploration
Breakout Manchester: Reclassified
Live Escape Essex: Room 13
Ultimate Escape: CSI Murder Mystery
Think Fun: Dr Gravely’s Retreat
Escape London: da Vinci
Escape London: Area 51
Escape London: Escape Casino
Lucardo: Virginia House
ClueTrace: Mind Crime
Do Stuff: Hostage Hideout
Enigma Escape: The Breakout
The Panic Room (Harlow): The Panic Room
moviESCAPE: The Haunted House
The Panic Room (Harlow): The Witch House
LockIn Real Escape: Mission 60
LockIn Real Escape: Jail Break
ClueFinders: The Tomb
Breakout Liverpool: Cursed Carnival
A Great Escape: The ENIGMA room
iLocked Nottingham: The Mummy
Lucardo (Manchester): Contamination
Clue HQ Manchester: CSI – the Panic Room
Escapemobile (Touring game): Houdini’s Last Trick
Breakin’ Escape (London): The Flying Dutchman
Breakin’ Escape (London): Butcher’s Lair
Logiclock Nottingham: Made in Stein
Logiclock Nottingham: Pirates in Nottingham
Modern Fables (London): The Escapist
History Mystery (Norwich): Archived Alive
Puzzlescape (Dereham): Sleight of Hand
Clockwork Escapes (Wolverhampton): The Nolan Exhibit
Escape Kent: Kidnapped
Find The Way Out (Kings Lynn): Abandoned Ship
SCRAP: Defender of the Triforce (London)
Other World Escapes (Southampton): Mayan
The Panic Room Harlow: The Tomb
Popup Escapes (London): The Case of the Dynamo Diamonds
ClueTrace (London): Mission Critical
The Real Escape (Portsmouth): The Guardians of the Elixir, Dr Ryddle’s Memories, The Chamber of the Deep
Project Breakout (Brighouse, Yorkshire): Project Z
The Great Escape Game Leeds: Abducted
Escape London – Shadwell: Escape the Seven Seas
Trapped In (Bury): CSI
Cryptx (Cambridge): The Jewellery Heist
Escape London – Shadwell: Taken
GR8escape York: Space Cadet
Adventox (London): No Way Out
Adventox (London): Mission X
The Vault Festival 2018 (London): The Lifeboat
Escape Hull: The Darker Side of Hull
Cryptx (Cambridge): The Gaol
The Escaporium (Halifax): The Haligonian
Make Your Escape (Derby): The Signal
Project Breakout (Brighouse, Yorkshire): The Dollmaker
Berlin Escape Review: Labyrintoom (The Cube)
Lockup Escape Room (Sheffield): Meltdown
Thinking Outside the Box (Peterborough): Retro
The Panic Room (Gravesend): Defective Detective
Enigma Rooms (Sheffield): The Bank Job
Hour Escape Rooms (Peterborough): The Black Diamond
Indizio (Köln/Cologne): John’s Secret
Aftermath the Game (London): On the Brink
Clue HQ Warrington: The Betrayal of Cluetankhamun
Escape Hunt (Leeds): Our Finest Hour
AIM Escape (London): Psychopath’s Den
Room Release (Wolverhampton): The Archaeologists
Imperial War Museums/HMS Belfast/Clockwork Dog (London): Damage Control
Rock Escape Rooms (Gibraltar): Casino
Exit the Game (Málaga, Spain): Operation Kandinsky
Netherlands Escape Review: Mysterium (Utrecht)
Escape Game Brighton: Secret Agent – The Black Box
Compendium (Bury): Wrong Turn
Guildford Escape Rooms: The Case of the Missing Gun
Budapest Escape Review: Mindquest – Portal
London Escaped: Da Vinci
Enigma Rooms (Doncaster): Mafia
Mostly Harmless at the Vault Festival (London): Escape the Jacket
Lock’d (London): The House of Alistair Moon
Omescape Aldgate (London): Kingdom of Cats
Incarcerated (Swindon): Agenda 21
Clue Capers (Winchester): A Curious Inheritance
Pirate Escape (Whitley Bay): Forbidden Jungle, The Brig and Mutiny
Escape the Yellow Sub (Liverpool)
Cannock Chase Escape Room: The Bunker
Project Breakout (Brighouse, Yorkshire): Antidote
Riddle Rooms (Glasgow): Dark Room
Adrenaline Escape (Wigan): The Vault, Nebula and Kidnapped
City Mazes (London): The Lost Cabin
Breakout Rooms (Watford): Spy Games
Escape Game Brighton: Murder at the Pier: Revenge
Hidden Rooms: Chain Reaction
Hint Hunt: The Zen Room
Clue HQ (Brentwood): Bunker 38
Fox in a Box Madrid: Zombie Lab
Agent November: Murder Mystery
Breakout Liverpool: Wanted (Cowboys)
Tick Tock Unlock Manchester: The Hatch
Trapped In: Air Traffic Control
Omescape: Joker’s Asylum
Room Escape Southend: Zombie Outbreak
AIEscape: Leo’s Path
Agent November: The Rainbow Syndicate
Live Escape Essex: Dr Wilson’s Office
Hide and Shriek: Alien Escape
Cliffhanger Rooms: Bank Vault Heist
Trapped In: Crazy Clown’s Carnival
Escape Game Products: The Enigma Files
Breakout Liverpool: Wanted (Indians)
Cryptology Nottingham: The Crypt
Cryptology Nottingham: Cypherdyne
Locked in a Room (London) – Invisibility Gene
Puzzlescape (Dereham): The Diamond Hunt
Find The Way Out (Kings Lynn): Witch’s Lair
Room Lockdown (Essex): Prison Break
Room Lockdown (Essex): The Curse of King Anum
Clockwork Escapes (Wolverhampton): Alleyway
Escaper MK (Milton Keynes): Alien Abduction
El Cubo de los Secretos/The Cube of Secrets (Malaga, Spain): La Piedra Carmesi/The Crimson Stone
Escape Room Hull: The Aviator’s Study
Operation Escape (London): WWII – The Ops Room
GR8escape York: Spy School
City Mazes (London): Bamboozled
Lockdown Escape Rooms (Oldham): A.W.O.L.
Breakout Rooms (Watford): The Lost City
Torrexcape (Alhaurín del Torre, Málaga, Spain)
Enigma Rooms (Doncaster): The Heist
London Escaped: The Prisoner
Time Race (Bury): The Invitation
Thorpe Park: Jungle Escape
Xcape Room (Glasgow): Magic Forest
Clue HQ (Brentwood): Detonation
gamEscape: Golden Cage
Locked in a Room (London): Timelock
Quest Room
Enigma Escape: The Killer
Hint Hunt: John Monroe’s Office
The Escape Room (Preston): Vampire Chronicles
Atherton Escape Rooms: The Missing Child
Atherton Escape Rooms: Train Waiting Room
Lock Down Escape Exit Games: The Lost Soul
Escape Game Brighton: Laboratory of a Madman
Breakout Liverpool: Shipwrecked
moviESCAPE: SAWtopsy
Timed Trap: The Great Escape
Timed Trap: Treasure Theft
Breakin’ Escape (London): Sherlock’s Despair
SantQescape (Sant Cugat, Spain): Préssec en Alquímia (Peach in Alchemy)
Escape Asylum (Leicester): Hostage
Time Race (Bury): Vault 17
Cyantist (Southampton): Crystal Maze
Escape Game Brighton: Return of the Mad Scientist
The Panic Room (Gravesend): Resurgency
London Escaped: White Walker
HintHunt (London): The Safe
Breakout Manchester: Virus
Namco Funscape: Escape Room
Sherlock Unlock: Mutiny
The Escape Room Newcastle(-under-Lyme): Spy Mission
The Lockey: Case Nr 47
KLB Escape Room: The Inheritance
Room Lockdown (Essex): Possessed Doll
Ouija Bournemouth
Escaper MK (Milton Keynes): Cabin in the Woods
The Escapologist (Selby): Back from the Future
Netherlands Escape Review: Escape Tales – Runaway Train (Bussum)
Budapest Escape Review: TRAP – Anachronista
Escape Entertainment: Prohibition Pandemonium
Escape Hunt: Theft from the Laboratory
Escape Hunt: Kidnapping in the Living Room
Escape Hunt: Murder in the Artist’s Bedroom
Sherlock Unlock: Outbreak
Sherlock Unlock: Chaos
Time Race (Bury): The Invitation
Cyantist (Bournemouth): Clockwork Orange
London Escaped: School of Magic
Hidden Rooms: Invisible Space
Escape Games London: Escape the Theatre
Room Escape MK: Decipher the Voynich
Room Escape MK: The Sphinx Chamber
The Guest House Escape Room (Leeds): The Tarot Room and Professor Wilbanks

* Enigma Escape: The Killer has been redesigned since we first played, modifying several of the parts which I was most critical of. Having exchanged emails with the owners, and looked at TripAdvisor reviews, I suspect that, were I to visit it now, there’s a good chance it would be a 4 star review.

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